About Old Camera Club

Old Camera Club aims to be a resource for new film photographers, written by Don Kuntz.

I believe photography is fun, and I want to share my hobby with other people. I focus on film over digital because I’ve found the film photography community is much more interested fostering photography as a hobby and is generally less pretentious than the digital community (there may be something about using decades old equipment that reminds you that you’re doing this for fun).

While opinionated, instead of just saying you should get a specific set of gear, my goal is to provide enough background context with those suggestions so that you can decide what’s important for you in making these decisions. I’d rather somebody understand why I’m making a suggestion and disagree with that suggestion than wind up with something that doesn’t work for them.

I’m always open to talking shop. If you want to talk about photography, have questions about getting into film photography, or have ideas for this site, please feel free to email me at don@dontakes.photos.

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