Formula Perfected, the Nikon FE2

Being one of their last manual focus cameras, the Nikon FE2 comes very close to perfect. It’s a very solid camera that is very focused at getting out of your way and helping you take the photos you want. On the surface the FE2 may look like almost any other aperture priority SLR (such asContinue reading “Formula Perfected, the Nikon FE2”

Tiny but Mighty, the Olympus OM-2

If there’s any camera line that seems to be consistently underrated, it’s the Olympus OM line. Because of their diminutive size, commenters across the internet frequently miss that these machines were marketed at professional audiences. But by dismissing these incredibly capable cameras, people lose out on using some of the best and most capable camerasContinue reading “Tiny but Mighty, the Olympus OM-2”